Julie and Gypsy
Hi, I'm Julie, and I'm a craft-a-holic, dog lover and weirdo.  I love trying new things, both in art and activities! Covid-19 shut down my dog walking/daycare business (@aquafitdogcare) so I'm back on the entrepreneurial road.  
I learned stained glass from my aunt Julie (yes I'm named after her) but I've grown up with a super artistic family so I was surrounded by crayons, paint, pencils, wood, metal, glass, and clay my whole life. Growing up, I mostly focused on paint because I loved the flow of it so learning and practicing with glass has been a challenge. My mood rely's heavily on the sun so glass seemed like the perfect artistic outlet to enhance the sun. I've become obsessed with the reflections of sunrises or sunsets on city buildings, in lakes, shadows that the sun makes through the trees and refractions of glass on my walls. 
Thank you all for your support and inspiration.